RF-SMART R&D: The Dog Days of Innovation

Every year in November, our Research & Development department shuts down. Well, not completely…

They put all on-going projects and day-to-day tasks on hold for 48 hours in order to brainstorm, collaborate and actually build fresh ideas and functionalities the RF-SMART product can bring to the customer’s table. During this time, our R&D department forms teams of 2-3 people to proof out ideas that will continue to drive our company to be a leading provider of innovative, world-class enterprise solution.

And this year was no exception.

Four teams competed for the grand prize and peer choice award.

Each team was scored in four different categories:

  • The WOW! Score: If this was a sales demonstration for a customer, would this presentation WOW them?
  • The Usefulness Score: Would a customer find this application useful?
  • The Pain-Removal Score: Does this functionality solve pain a customer experiences?
  • The Sell-ability Score: Does this application have a spot in the market for our customers?
Then the judges had to answer one more question: “Would you invest our CEO’s money to develop this further?”

Team NBC exceeded all expectations, by not only presenting one idea, but actually providing two presentations that were able to take away both the grand prize and peer choice award. Their presentations were titled, Down with OpenAir and Warehouse Insight, respectively.

RF-SMART’s plans to implement these fresh, new ideas are not so far in the future. Actually, a team known as “Master Miners” presented an idea that is currently being implemented into production use.

Now, that’s real-time!

RF-SMART values innovation because we know our customers require the best technology and functionality to remain successful in their industry. In fact, 15% of all sales revenue goes to our R&D team to ensure our customers are experiencing the most functional advanced and leading-edge solutions on the market.

Keep your eyes out for new functionality our team works so hard to bring to you.

They’re changing the world one Innovation Day at a time.