RF-SMART Support Team: The Happy Gilmore of Software Support

We recently sat down with one of our Senior Software Support Engineers (a fancy way of saying the guy who helps our customers solve complex problems), and we wanted to pass on the inside scoop on our RF-SMART support team’s approach to problem solving.

So first, we’re not perfect. But we do make an earnest effort to resolve our customer’s problems quickly. Our support team goes through a lot of training to ensure they are prepared to address any reported issue.

How does RF-SMART handle support cases?

Anytime a customer experiences a bump when using their barcode scanner, our support team works with them around the clock until the issue is resolved. Most of the time, the support team helps answer a “How do I do this?” type of question, which might only take a few minutes. And in other instances, the solution may require more time and tailored framework to meet the customer’s specific request. Once that request is met, the call has been completed.

So how are we doing responding to our customers’ questions?

For the month of July, the RF-SMART support team opened 136 calls. They completed 146. We know what you’re thinking. And yes, we can do math.

The extra 10 completed calls were “backlog calls” from a previous month. Ever since our support team has started tracking the progress of each call, our backlog list has been cut by over 50%.

If this was a game of golf, our support team would be winning.

So what’s the top advice our team can offer our customers?

“There is a lot of documentation on our support site. We have it available to every customer so they can learn exactly how their product works for free.”