RF-SMART Expands NetSuite Offering with SummitIT Printing Acquisition


RF-SMART is pleased to announce the acquisition of SummitIT. This acquisition follows our long-standing relationship with SummitIT, a fellow Built-for-NetSuite solution. SummitIT is known as the premier printing solution for Oracle NetSuite, and many RF-SMART customers have historically partnered with SummitIT for their label printing needs.  

RF-SMART Expands NetSuite Offering with SummitIT Printing Acquisition
“Combining SummitIT’s printing capabilities and RF-SMART’s mobile warehousing and shipping solutions will provide a complete inventory management solution, further fulfilling our mission of transforming our customers,” said RF-SMART CEO Michael Morales. “Their high-quality service and cutting-edge software make the SummitIT solution a seamless fit with the RF-SMART product line. With over 60 five-star ratings on SuiteApp, their team has proven to be an excellent partner and trusted advisor for NetSuite Customers across the globe.” 

The SummitIT printing solution provides NetSuite customers with powerful and flexible on-demand and automated cloud printing of all types for labels and documents. Through their wide array of functional capabilities, SummitIT’s feature set is uniquely able to address the printing and labeling challenges of product-based companies in the NetSuite ecosystem.  

For more than 40 years, RF-SMART has been a global leader in barcoding and mobile inventory management solutions for warehousing, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and retail organizations. RF-SMART customers commonly increase inventory and order-picking accuracy to nearly 100% and achieve productivity gains of up to 40%. 

For more information, and to learn how RF-SMART's comprehensive solution can help your business, contact info@rfsmart.com 

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