RF-SMART Culture: Health at Work is Core to our Mission

At RF-SMART, a healthy work environment is one of our top priorities. We have fruit in the break room, standing desks, a company treadmill, and an outstanding wellness program. We were also recently awarded the First Coast Healthiest Companies Award.  But why is it so important? I sat down with RF-SMART CEO Michael Morales to better understand what this award truly means.

Employee Wellness

Q: How does our company’s overall mission of “Transforming our customers and changing lives” affect the value on a healthy corporate culture?

Michael Morales: I want everyone’s life to be changed because they have worked at RF-SMART. One way people can experience life change is by making improvements to their wellness. This improvement can be in their physical, mental, financial and/or spiritual health. By creating an effective wellness program that is engaging for our employees, RF-SMART is helping them change their lives. 

Q: Why have you made such a big push for a healthier workplace? In your experience, how does the wellness program affect employees’ everyday productivity and happiness?

MM: I simply care about people. I want them to be healthier so that they have a higher quality of life. I want them to be financially healthy so that they can take care of themselves and their loved ones. We also focus on mental health so that people can better navigate the challenges that life throws at them.  When people are making positive strides in their wellness, they usually feel better, are more engaged, and productive. Oftentimes what is good for someone personally is also good for the business.

Q: What does being recognized mean to RF-SMART?

MM: While we are focused on changing lives, not winning awards, it is valuable to measure our progress against best practices and other companies. Being recognized helps us determine that we are making positive strides in improving employee wellness and can also be valuable in educating all of our stakeholders regarding what is important to us.

So, while statistically healthy employees have a 27% lower chance of absenteeism (or are more productive), the bottom line at RF-SMART is transformation. Healthy employees = happy employees.

As our mission statement says “We exist to transform our Customers and change lives.” And that change starts with our employees first, every day.