What the NetSuite SuiteApp of the Year Means to RF-SMART

RF-SMART was named NetSuite’s 2014 SuiteApp of the Year. After launching the RF-SMART SuiteApp in the Fall of 2013, this is exciting news for all of us. Here is what RF-SMART CEO Michael Morales had to say on behalf of winning this award:

RF-SMART SuiteApp of the Year 2014


Whadoes winning NetSuite SuiteApp of the Year mean for RF-SMART?

MM: It means that we are being recognized for filling a valuable need in the NetSuite ecosystem. We have written a product that meets customers’ needs and is architected in a way that is in alignment with NetSuite’s cloud vision.  It also validates that we are able to seize opportunities in an effective way.

How is this award a reflection of RF-SMART’s Research & Development team?

MM: We have a world class Research & Development team and this award is recognition for their innovative and high quality work.  This award reflects that we have addressed a significant need in the ecosystem and that we architected the product in such a way that it is in complete alignment with how NetSuite wants its partners to architect products.  Our Research & Development team worked extremely hard and in a smart way.

What did the decision making process look like when RF-SMART decided to move forward with making a product for NetSuite?

MM: There were three factors that spurred this decision.  First, we saw the rise of cloud computing and cloud ERP and knew that was a business where we wanted to showcase RF-SMART.  Second, we were familiar with NetSuite and were energized by their rapid growth and global expansion.  Finally, we decided to see if we could add significant value to a beta Customer.  Fortunately, our hunch was correct that we could add value.

How does this award impact the future of RF-SMART’s product for NetSuite?

MM: Clearly this award creates visibility and drives interest in RF-SMART.  We are optimistic that more companies will want to partner with RF-SMART to transform their business.  Finally, we are energized to add even more functionality to our offering so that we can meet additional Customer needs and help NetSuite expand its global customer base.

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