What’s Behind our Proactive Customer Support Initiatives?

If you’re a RF-SMART customer, you might have heard from our support team this year on ways we can help YOU. But what’s the catch? Our mission statement, “We exist to transform customers and change lives,” isn’t just framed up on the wall in our lobby, we mean it. It’s a living, breathing mantra that manifests itself throughout the company, including our customer support department. 

This year, RF-SMART decided to walk the talk by introducing two new customer initiatives:

1. Customer Center

2. Proactive Support Program (PSP)

Easy to do business with

The Customer Center is an online portal designed to keep tech requests transparent and organized. Submitting a request is easy and invites our customers to give details about any issue they are experiencing – whether RF-SMART or hardware related.

Our support technicians can then target the issue with the right information and provide a solution with speed and ease. RF-SMART customers can view the status of their open and closed cases and stay in constant contact with a member of the support team.

Let’s take a look at a recent interaction:

A customer was having an issue with a scanner and submitted a ticket through the Customer Center late on a Thursday afternoon. Much to her surprise, she received a confirmation ticket with a case number later that evening. First thing Friday morning, the customer received a call from a member of our support team with a solution to the problem. Within 20 minutes, the issue was resolved, and the customer was ready to apply the fix and resume productivity with barely a hiccup to her warehouse.

This story is not unique. RF-SMART’s support team is well-trained and ready to handle any issues that may arise.

The support you need, before you need it

Our Proactive Support Program (PSP) is designed to help our customers uncover any issues before they become a critical problem for their business. We understand communication is key to continue building the relationship between our teams, and we want to foster collaboration by checking in regularly and ensuring our customers have the best experience with RF-SMART.

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by being the support arm of day-to-day RF-SMART warehouse functionality. While we hope the experience with our product is seamless, sometimes issues do arise. PSP enhances our ability to address the issues that may occur. During the PSP check-in, we listen to our customer’s pain points, no matter how small, and identify the steps we need to take to resolve the problem. And if everything is running smoothly, we love to receive feedback to make our products and services even better!

Customer Support

Our mission is to transform customers and change lives. Our Customer Center and Proactive Support Program are just a few small steps we are taking to live that out. 

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