Hardware 101: Holster Up Those Barcode Devices

It’s time for another Hardware Tip that’s sure to leave your warehouse Ace-High. Do your workers carry their barcode devices with them all day? Are they having to keep laying it down on a shelf or rack?

If so, your company may want to consider taking a gander into holsters or other types of carrying accessories for your barcode scanners.

RF-SMART Hardware Tip

Why do Holsters work?

Holsters, along with other carrying accessories like the shoulder strap, are an inexpensive way to make the most of your hardware investment.

Users take advantage of a carrying accessory so they can have a secure place to put the device. This also enables users to remain hands free as they complete the task without misplacing the device.

This purchase could actually save several steps per user, which can turn into saving hours per year.

Now that’s some serious ROI.

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