The Year of the Hardware Health Check

A New Year can be very exciting. All at once, we review what we learned the previous year and make goals for the one before us. It can be daunting, sure, but if we take the time we often gain a valuable result, which brings me to this month’s Hardware Tip & Trick.

Hardware Health Check

This month, we want to talk about setting a goal to review your hardware devices through an annual Hardware Health Check.

Unlike committing to the gym or making your earnest efforts to get along with your mother-in-law, this New Year’s resolution can be done quite easily.

Just ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the batteries for the hardware device lasting an entire shift?
  • Am I getting an immediate response from the scanner?
  • Do I have to be within a few inches of a bar code in order to scan?
  • Are my bar codes “fuzzy” when I print them off from my printer?

Based on your answers to any of these questions, you might find you have an outdated hardware device and need to take action.

Many customers have rugged devices and printers that are six, seven or eight years old and are still working.  But are they working to provide top performance?  Maybe not…

Several businesses are making the move to purchase a few new devices and printers at a time.  This enables them to gradually obtain the latest technology without breaking the budget.

When you conduct your annual Hardware Health Check, tell one of our Hardware Representatives if you are experiencing a pain and we can help you determine the right solution.  It may be as simple as a new battery.

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