Who can help with Hardware Requirements for an ERP Implementation?

Are you looking to deploy hardware in your operations? Are you unsure what type of hardware will help you the most? If you are in the middle of an ERP implementation, there are critical requirements you should not overlook. Working with a hardware advisor can provide the best solution for your business requirements and help mitigate risk. The real secret is finding the right Hardware Partner.

Why do you need a Hardware Partner?

During an ERP implementation, there are many hardware components to consider. This includes everything from handheld mobile devices, printers and labels, to the often-overlooked items like WiFi infrastructure and device configurations.

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While many companies plan to put these hardware decisions off until after go-live, they are a critical piece that defines your user experience. A Hardware Partner will coordinate each step along with your ERP project, so that your workers are armed on Day 1 with configured devices that work throughout your operations.

What to look for in a Hardware Partner

  • Manufacturers: Ideally, you want to buy hardware from someone that has a partnership with multiple manufacturers. If they offer multiple brands, do they have a partnership with the manufacturer? What is their status level? For the best experience, you will want a true solution partner, not just a reseller. A true solution partner has met the strict requirements of various manufacturers to obtain a higher partner status which will guarantee a higher level of support during your implementation.
  • Experience: Sure, you can Google a device and purchase online, but that does not mean it will work with your ERP or mobile solution. A hardware partner should understand your ERP, your mobile inventory requirements, and have the knowledge of what device has the specifications that would work best in your environment.
  • Support: What kind of support are you getting with your hardware partner? Is it standard warranty language or will they help you configure, troubleshoot and help with implementations? You want a hardware partner that tests and certifies devices to work with your ERP, and then offers support when something goes wrong.
  • Pricing: If your hardware vendor has partnerships with hardware manufacturers, they can often help secure competitive pricing. While it’s tempting to go with the cheapest option, the old adage of “cheaper isn’t always better” rings true when it comes to hardware. You want the right solution at a competitive price that provides you with the most value.



How does RF-SMART stack up?

RF-SMART has helped hundreds of customers automate their inventory processes. Our dedicated hardware team can address all of your needs for your ERP project.

  • We have Platinum partnerships with Honeywell and Zebra, the two largest manufacturers of data collection equipment.
  • We stay informed on the latest technology changes in the industry so we can provide the best solution.
  • Your requirements always come first. Our team will take the time to understand your needs and then recommend the best RF scanners for your warehouse, along with  printers, labels, and more to meet your unique business requirements
  • We have a deep knowledge of supply chain best practices, understand our core ERPs, know how RF-SMART integrates with them, and work hand in hand with implementation teams.
  • If you purchase hardware from RF-SMART, it is certified to work with your ERP and is fully supported by the RF-SMART Support Desk.

So, back to where we started – If you are looking to deploy hardware in your operations and are unsure what type of hardware will help you the most, RF-SMART can help with your hardware requirements for your ERP implementation.

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