Replace Your Handheld Batteries Annually for  Big Results

It’s that time again! Last month we talked about replacing your location labels. Now that you’ve checked your labels and made sure they are in good condition, let’s talk about this month’s Tip & Trick.

We gave you a hint last time: If done annually, users can experience a higher level of hardware performance…

No, it’s not an eye exam.

This month’s Tip & Trick is … Replace your batteries annually.

Batteries, like my goldfish, don’t live forever. (RIP Rocky). And RF-SMART is here to help you get in the habit of replacing your batteries to keep the unit running strong and your worker more efficient.

Most batteries that work with your barcode scanners are good for about 400 full charges. It’s common for batteries to start depleting anytime beyond that 400th charge. And for customers who use their scanners around the clock, that can be less than a year.

It’s very important to ensure your batteries are getting their full charge. And here’s just one reason why:

Let’s say warehouse worker Joe is in the middle of a picking order. The screen begins to dim… then all of a sudden, the scanner loses power. Joe just lost his transaction, and now he has to start over again.

This isn’t the first time this week, and Joe doesn’t like repeating his work. Joe throws the barcode scanner and angrily leaves work; he gets home early, watches the 12 o’clock news, hears a report about trapeze being a good form of cardio, and joins the circus.

Don’t let warehouse worker Joe join the circus.

Ok, in most circumstances, your workers won’t leave and join the circus, but frustration can be common, and that only adds wear and tear on your devices. The bottom line: Replace your batteries.

For more information, contact your hardware representative.

And stay tuned for next month’s Tip & Trick. Here’s a hint:

If you are printing bar codes that will be outdoors, you could be using *this* mode to ensure your labels will last longer.