Hardware 101: Thermal Transfer is Sunblock for Barcoding Labels

For our next Hardware Tip & Trick, we want to talk about leveraging the thermal transfer mode on your printer to extend the life of you barcodes.

Last month, we discussed the benefits of replacing your scanner batteries annually.

We left you with a hint about this month’s Tip & Trick: If you are printing barcodes that will be outdoors, you could be using *this* mode to ensure your labels will last longer. The answer is Thermal Transfer mode.

How to Make Your Barcode labels last longer

Thermal Transfer Printing Mode

If you are printing barcodes that will be outdoors and exposed to sunlight and you need them to last one year or longer, we recommend you use the Thermal Transfer printing mode on your label printer.

Thermal Transfer printed labels are of higher quality print with a specialty ribbon that will allow your barcode to last longer in the sun. This mode will not fade as fast in the sunlight compared to the Direct Thermal mode.

The difference between the two label printer modes is simple:

  • Direct Thermal: No printer ribbon required
  • Thermal Transfer: Printer Ribbon required

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