Popular Business Shipping Models to Know

There are many different types of small parcel shipping methods that businesses utilize to transfer and distribute inventory to the end user, and each come with their own unique set of challenges. 

In this blog post, we've highlighted the most common types of parcel shipping, and a breakdown of the individual steps in each. You can use the numbered links to skip to specific sections.
  1. B2C
  2. Drop Shipping
  3. B2B/Wholesale
  4. Applying Industry Expertise 


Popular Business Shipping Models to Know

 B2C Parcel shipping process


B2C (business-to-consumer shipping) is a common shipping format utilized by product-based businesses. In this method, the company’s own warehouse fulfills all product movement, from order receiving all the way through shipping to the customer. B2C offers a clear chain of custody for the company, handling all aspects of the inventory cycle until it arrives at the customer’s address.



Drop Shipping Parcel shipping process

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping is a retail shipping method that splits up the supply chain responsibility between the product company and the manufacturers/warehouse shippers. A customer agreement will be drafted between the two companies, and this will be upheld by the shipping warehouse. Customer agreements contain any additional shipping requirements, including label designs, packaging needs, and more.



B2B Wholesale distribution parcel shipping process

B2B / Wholesale

B2B Shipping (business-to-business shipping) makes up a large population of product-based businesses. In this method, products are being purchased and sold between companies before being distributed to individual consumers or other businesses. Wholesale shipping, unlike B2C, means the product will travel through multiple warehouse environments before arriving to the customer.

Applying Industry Expertise

With any shipping method you use, it’s crucial that your tech stack helps automate and ensure accuracy throughout. RF-SMART Shipping was created by industry experts with experience in all these shipping methods. Because of this, our solution has helped customers with all types of parcel shipping needs find a shipping process that combines speed and functionality  for maximum efficiency.

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