Device Certification: We Do it Because We Care

At RF-SMART, we know the hardware you choose for your warehouse is important to you. After all, you are using these devices every day to manage your inventory. This is why we have a dedicated Hardware team that can assist you in choosing, managing, and troubleshooting your devices. It's also why we certify each device that we offer - so you can rest assured you're going to have the best experience possible. Let's walk through how the certification process works.

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How a Bill Becomes a Law - aka, How a Device Gets Certified at RF-SMART

We are constantly reviewing and adding to our device list. We listen to what our customers are looking for, and we stay up to date on new devices and operating systems being released. We try to accommodate requests (such as lower costs), customer demand by product line, and new technologies the manufacturers (Zebra and Honeywell) are releasing. 

When a new device, printer or scale is released to the market, our Hardware Support team obtains the equipment and begins the extensive review process:

  • First, they test the barcode devices to make sure the scanner settings and common symbologies will work with RF-SMART. They also test to see if it works on web or telnet – and which option is optimal for RF-SMART.
  • For mobile computers, they run RF-SMART transactions to verify the device will display the transaction screen properly, the touch screen buttons respond, and overall performance meets their high standards.
  • While they’re doing all of this, the team will create a document (with pictures!) on how to configure your device from start to finish. They will then provide training on the new equipment, so everyone at RF-SMART is on the same page when it comes to making sure your devices work the way they should.

Why Does My Device Need to Be Certified for RF-SMART?

  • If you buy a non-certified unit intending to run RF-SMART, you run the risk of the device not being compatible with your software.
  • If you are purchasing used equipment, they may have a limited warranty or no warranty at all. If something breaks, it’s up to you to fix it.
  • Overall, you risk your software investment when you purchase non-certified hardware. We want your experience using RF-SMART to be as easy and positive as possible for your users. We recommend only purchasing devices that have been certified by RF-SMART.

So, when we say that a device has been certified for RF-SMART, it means something. It is a real, tangible process that we take seriously. We want you to make the most of your investment, and we want you to have a good experience while you do it.

View the current list of certified devices:

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