Tour of Innovation: Our Journey for the Next BIG Idea

At RF-SMART, innovation is one of our most valued assets and central to the RF-SMART culture. We motivate RF-SMART employees to step outside of the box, and sometimes, that box is really, really big.

Last year, our team embarked on multiple trips around the world to visit RF-SMART Customers with a mission to get our creative juices flowing.


Tour of Innovation


The result? Let’s just say we’ve got some big things in the works.

The overall goal in this journey was to talk to our Customers and learn what pains they are still experiencing in their warehouses. After that was clearly defined, we wanted to figure how we could be innovative.

Our team wanted to put themselves in our Customers’ shoes to see what the next steps should be. So we packed our bags, caught a dozen or so planes and set off. The anticipation was high, and we were ready for action. Who needs sleep when ideas are waiting to be born?

All in all, we visited about 40 Customers around the globe.

Michael Morales, RF-SMART CEO, and Ben McDonald, Vice President of Products, took it upon themselves to make sure they were asking the right questions when visiting Customers on this Tour of Innovation – even if that meant they had to get a little dirty.


Tour of Innovation 2

Our Innovation Process

The innovation process is exactly that: a process. In truth, a lot of ideas we conjure up are left on the cutting room floor.

But others, you know the ideas that “Transform Customers and Change Lives,” yeah, those are passed along to our Development team who create prototypes that eventually could become the answer to the pains your warehouse team is experiencing.

You may be asking, “What kind of ideas is RF-SMART developing?” And to that I say, all good things come to those who wait.

I will, however, tell you that a few of our Customers’ main concerns were centered on labor tracking.

This is of no surprise to our team, who has worked vigorously on the development of Labor Management Reporting (LMR).

LMR provides seven purpose-built reports that give warehouse managers the ability to look at productivity, efficiency and ROI across the supply chain - and make better decisions based on that insight.

Companies using LMR are experiencing full visibility into their supply chain.

And speaking of visibility, we’re expecting to see tremendous results from this Tour of Innovation – so stay tuned.

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