Labor Reporting - Productivity Insight

Confidently know “What are my people doing?”

RF-SMART's Labor Management Reporting provides seven purpose-built reports that give warehouse managers the ability to look at productivity, efficiency, and ROI across the supply chain - and make better decisions based on that insight. 

Labor Management Reporting uses transaction data from RF-SMART workflows and displays these reports with Microsoft’s Power BI. The updated UI makes for a better user experience, and the simple architecture makes for a faster install. You also gain the ability to create your own custom reports. 

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What Makes up Labor Management Reporting?

Unlike being a toolset to add-on, Labor Management Reporting provides seven purpose-built reports that allow you to confidently answer these questions:

  • Transaction Count
    How many transactions did each worker do?
  • Quantity
    How much quantity did each worker transact? 
  • Work Load Distribution
    How evenly is the work distributed among workers?
  • Transaction Cost Comparison
    What transactions do I spend the most/least amount of money on?
  • Worker Productivity
    Who are my most efficient workers?
  • Cost-Based Worker Productivity
    Is my worker’s hourly rate justified (cost-weighted productivity)?
  • Total Productive Time
    How much productive time does each worker have?

Plus, with the Indirect Time Tracking module, you can easily filter out time spent on tasks like sweeping or meetings for greater accuracy in your JD Edwards reporting.

Interested in how Labor Management Reporting can improve your warehouse?

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