Our deep experience enables our team and our network of partners to deliver a level of quality, performance and value that is the gold standard for JD Edwards mobile solutions. This includes our latest RF-SMART Cloud Solution.


Why Choose RF-SMART for JD Edwards in the Cloud?

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Lower capital expenditure
  • Easy and agile deployment
  • Ease of bringing on new remote sites
  • Frees up internal resources if limited IT resources
  • Allows you to leave IT security to the experts
  • Access to more leading-edge technology through more
  • Frequent updates - Provides scalability as you grow
  • Ultimately, lowers your risk
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Configurable Data Collection Functionality

RF-SMART offers more standard JDE-specific functionality than any other solution. Our workflows are also customizable to meet even the most unique requirements for: distribution & inventory management, manufacturing, advanced warehouse management and License Plating.

Integrated Features

In addition to supporting standard JDE functionality, RF-SMART fills functional gaps and adds functional value in multiple areas: robust reporting, label printing suite, warehouse intelligence, and device management.

Learn how we can provide you with flexible, proven and purpose-built functionality in the ease of the Cloud.

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