Warehouse & Logistics Data Collection

Companies using EnterpriseOne can take full advantage of powerful barcoding software and data collection functionality for Warehousing and Distribution.


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Are you using a manual process throughout your warehouse – from receiving to shipping?

Improve Accuracy and Save Time with RF-SMART!

Using barcodes, RF-SMART turbocharges warehouse productivity by automating manual processes with Automated Data Collection. With support for online and offline transactions, RF-SMART electronically collects, validates and enters data into JD Edwards while directing employees where and how to perform their tasks. RF-SMART enables companies to accurately accomplish significantly more with fewer resources. 

Are you having to shut down entire sections of your warehouse to count? 

Reduce Labor Costs with RF-SMART! 

RF-SMART changes the very nature of how customers do counting. By using data collection technology, you track when and where inventory is put into a location, and then again every time it gets moved. When it comes time to count, you can enter the updated on-hand quantity in real time. For many, RF-SMART eliminates the need for annual physical counts because their inventory is 99.9% accurate - on a daily basis. 

“Inventory took days to do previously. It was a black hole of data, and we felt it was impossible. Everyone loves the real-time cycle counts with RF-SMART because it saves us so much time. We walk up to the bin, we scan and we’re done.”

Read how RF-SMART helped Carolina Biological save time and increase their accuracy.

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