Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing is a type of manufacturing for customers who manufacture goods in bulk quantities, such as chemicals, food and beverage, gasoline, paint and pharmaceuticals, that require a set of processes to be finished.

If you are using JD Edwards Process Manufacturing, RF-SMART's Process Manufacturing workflow allows for Co/By Product Completions to be captured in real-time on the shop floor as part of your manufacturing process. Hours and labor can also be reported against a work order as defined in the E1 Process Manufacturing module.

How Does Process Manufacturing Work?

RF-SMART’s Process Manufacturing extends JD Edwards out into the hands of the users by allowing them to complete several work-order tracking transactions against a process work order.

Process WO Tracking reports on:

  • Completed Co-Product
  • Completed By-Product
  • Scrap Quantities
  • Labor and/or Machine Time

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