Performance Metrics

Workforce reporting is a very useful tool to gauge worker productivity and see the effectiveness of your labor investment. Getting that information to your workforce in a timely manner doesn't have to be challenging.

With RF-SMART’s new Performance Metrics, you can easily deliver feedback to RF-SMART users throughout their work shift.

How Does Performance Metrics Work?

Using Performance Metrics, you can convey productivity information to workers in real-time throughout their shift, eliminating the wait for paper reports to be posted or walking to a specific area of the warehouse to view dashboards.

Monitor View

Performance Metrics information can be set up with a simple configuration of a workflow transaction in our Workflow Studio - no coding required! View the metrics using our Labor Management Reporting tool or other business intelligence reporting solutions.

Handheld View

Built with the user in mind, Performance Metrics information can be displayed within any RF-SMART transaction. The following metrics can be calculated within RF-SMART and are displayed on the RF-SMART workflow screen for the worker to see in real-time. (All calculations are based on the user ID and the current shift.) 

  • Total quantity & total quantity/hour
  • Quantity & quantity/hour by workflow
  • Total number of transactions & transactions/hour
  • Transactions and transactions/hour by workflow 

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