Create Transfer Order

RF-SMART’s Create Transfer Order allows you to push product from one facility to another with just one scan.

This RF-SMART advanced functionality - which came about by popular demand - might be simple on the surface, but it provides a faster and easier way to move product between facilities than ever before.

How does Create Transfer Order work?

By scanning just the outbound location, you can stage the selected items to be loaded for transfer, automatically create a related sales order and purchase order, confirm shipping, and even print documentation like the bill of lading.

By using Create Transfer Order instead of a basic inventory transfer transaction, you gain visibility into your inventory while the items are in transit. Managers and warehouse workers can see when the items aren’t physically in either branch, and they can also track when the products will arrive.  

As a result, you can expedite outbound processes and reduce administration and warehouse time (imagine eliminating administrative burdens to create transfer orders in advance).


With RF-SMART, efficient processes are just a scan away.

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