Manufacturing Data Collection for EnterpriseOne

Leverage barcodes and EnterpriseOne-specific workflows to dramatically improve accuracy, productivity and visibility across your shop floor operations.


Can you Relate to These Industry Needs?

Are you using routers within your operation to track where your product needs to go next? 

RF-SMART's barcoding solution streamlines this process and increases productivity! By electronically collecting, validating and entering data into your ERP system—and by directing employees where and how to perform their tasks—RF-SMART enables companies to accurately accomplish significantly more with fewer resources. Improve Accuracy & Save Time with RF-SMART!

Have you found out later of a contaminated raw material used in production … leaving you to recall every shipment? 

Does an uncertain feeling settle in when you think of compliance regulations? RF-SMART eliminates any fears by providing the ability to track movement along the shop floor - down to the smallest package. Our lot and serial track workflows enable manufacturers to identify products both in production, as well as once they leave the distribution center, cutting down on manual tracking and eliminating costly errors. Enable Industry Compliance with RF-SMART!

"RF-SMART was a big piece of getting us accurate, live data so that we could make decisions properly."

Read how RF-SMART helped Michelman grow their business without increasing their workforce.

Reduce costs & increase productivity with a mobile solution built for JDE.

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