Voice Enablement for JD Edwards

The fastest, easiest way to add Voice to JD Edwards.

The benefits of using voice to improve worker productivity is well-documented. These studies show that companies using Voice-enabled devices are 50% more likely to reduce labor costs. Not to mention greater fulfillment accuracy, safer work environments and rapid training. 

As an overlay to RF-SMART, our Voice enablement allows you to achieve immediate results without having to re-engineer your warehouse processes. You can enable any RF-SMART mobile function for JD Edwards - there isn’t a separate integration to install, configure or maintain.


Streamline Your Mobile Workforce

With RF-SMART Voice, users spend more time with their heads up working, instead of wasting valuable time handling a device, navigating screen menus or keypunching.

Once visual prompts are “voice-enabled,” workers can view on-screen instructions or listen to voice prompts while on the move and answer through scans, keyboard entries or voice responses. All transactions are processed with our real-time validation into JDE.

RF-SMART Voice Benefits:

  • Speaker Independent
  • No additional Middleware
  • Fast Implementation = Fast ROI
  • Non-Proprietary
  • 100% Client Side Processing
  • Investment Protection – easy to handle change
  • Multilingual
  • Use existing hardware with a headset jack 

Not Just for Picking

Voice is not just for picking anymore. Using multi-modal capabilities, you can voice-enable any JD Edwards workflows that make sense - extending the value of voice for other processes including receiving, sortation, put-away, replenishment, counting, cross docking and packing.


Learn how to speed up your warehouse with voice-directed warehousing.

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