Cartonization: Container Tracking for JD Edwards

RF-SMART’s Cartonization capabilities grant you visibility into what items are located in a particular container - without ever opening it.

With Cartonization, you simply pick your sales order (which can also be done by using RF-SMART workflows), and the goods get packed in into boxes.

From there, content reports, container labels, out-bound EDI, and customs documents can all be printed, and the information is stored in JD Edwards - increasing real-time visibility for every member of the team.


What is the added value of Cartonization?

RF-SMART adds value even after the container is closed. Using Cartonization, you can capture tracking numbers and shipping carriers to update the sales order without ever having to reopen or unpack the carton. As some estimates expect freight tonnage to grow 70 percent by 2020, this added value will continue to increase with the shipping trends of the future.

After all carton maintenance is completed, this enables cartons to be added to pallets, which can then be shrink wrapped, weighed and pallet dimensions confirmed. The RF-SMART WMS and Distribution Picking workflows can generate cartons and track contents. 

During the pick process, users can capture the carton id as an item is placed in a carton. Our Pack Station application is a great extension of Cartonization if you would like to update JD Edwards E1 Pick/Pack/Ship tables with carton details after packing product.

Need additional visibility on the dock?

If you have a busy loading dock and want greater visibility into what's already loaded and which cartons remain on the shipping dock, RF-SMART’s Carton Load provides a simple load-confirm solution for customers not doing full E1 Transportation Management. 

Carton Load makes loading and shipping activities more efficient:

  • Users enter a shipment or load number and are guided through which pallets to use, capturing which cartons are being loaded
  • Ability to load pallets in order by route stop (ascending or descending order)
  • Updates the JDE Carton Load Summary application with the load status

Want to know more about making loading and shipping activities more efficient?

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