Implementation Services

Our SmartStart implementation methodology is a "flexibly structured" process with standardized and documented phases that have been refined through hundreds of go-lives.


Because successful projects require great communication, we involve RF-SMART Sales, Pre-Sales, Delivery and Support personnel in the SmartStart process to ensure efficiency and your ultimate satisfaction.

The implementation of RF-SMART begins with a thorough needs Analysis and Design, called a System Requirements Definition (SRD). Performed in close partnership with your project team, the SRD serves as the "game plan" for your RF-SMART project. It defines the timelines, responsibilities and objectives needed for a smooth and effective project from start to finish.

Once the analysis and design stages are completed, we enter the Development stage, where we install RF-SMART, configure the software and perform any required tailoring, test the system and commence system training.

Testing continues during the Deployment stage, where we go through every real test as if it were go-live—just to ensure everything is going to be work like clockwork for your operations. Upon go-live, customers are smoothly transitioned to RF-SMART Support to assist with day-to-day Operations.

Sound familiar? Our implementation methodology fits within Oracle’s implementation, providing a seamless integration with your partner and assurance of exactly what to expect.

So what can you expect from our team?

The answer in a nutshell: Expertise. With more than 400 JD Edwards customers worldwide, we’ve faced a lot of questions and scenarios.

“Is my warehouse optimized?”

“If I change this dimension, will it affect my pick route?”

“We just implemented E1, and now a new version is coming out. What do I need to know?”

Pretty confusing, huh? Well the good news is at RF-SMART, we combine

  • ERP Experience
  • Warehouse Experience
  • Mobile Data Collection Expertise

All to give you a professional team that you can trust your supply chain execution with - from beginning to end. Check out a sample resume.

Curious how our JD Edwards Implementation Team transforms our customers?

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