DSCSA Track and Trace

Do you manufacture or distribute pharmaceutical product regulated by the FDA? Do you need to report EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services) transactions for regulatory compliance?

We understand that becoming compliant with new DSCSA regulations and GS1 standard is mission critical for your business. As of 2017, all pharmaceutical manufacturers need to label all packages using a product identifier (serial number), lot number and expiration number - and track them to the lowest "sellable" unit of measure.

Ready or not, this mandate is coming.

Our new Track and Trace module offers the combination of our Oracle Validated Integration to JD Edwards with the benefit of regulatory compliance for serialization. With RF-SMART, JD Edwards is updated direcly, in real-time, with material movement and inventory changes. This provides you greater visibility of invetory and improved capabilites to track and measure.


So, how does Track and Trace Help You Comply?

  • Ability to track serial numbers to the lowest “sellable” unit
  • “Out of the box” applications that enable compliance from receiving to shipping
  • Real-time updates to JD Edwards producing complete visibility of inventory
  • Integration with external EPCIS Vendors
  • One solution and vendor to handle data collection needs with 24/7 support
  • Bonus: Increased efficiency to your distribution & manufacturing operations

RF-SMART can help you keep track of all the details.

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