Pack Station

Are you looking for a cost-effective outbound packing solution that is OVI certified? Look no further than RF-SMART’s Pack Station.

Built with E1 Tools, Pack Station captures the final sales order packing information in real-time into JD Edwards. Support for touch screen monitors means workers are able to pack product with two hands, resulting in a more efficient packing process. 

How Does Pack Station Work?

Pack Station is an efficient way to package product and update the E1 Pick/Pack/Ship Tables in JD Edwards. Workers using Pack Station are visually alerted to order status via color-coded alerts that show in real-time the sales order line status and the remaining quantity left to be packed.  A user would see that white lines haven’t been started, while partially packed lines will appear yellow and turn green once completed.

How Does Pack Station Fit in RF-SMART?

Pack Station is an extension of our Cartonization module, and can also be utilized after Sales Order or Consolidating Picking. However, none of these RF-SMART modules are required to run Pack Station.


Achieve a more efficient packing process with RF-SMART.

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