Choosing a Mobile Device Management System

A Mobile Device Management System (MDM) allows companies to manage their devices remotely with a click of a button. With an MDM, you are able to customize device controls, update OS and firmware, and segment mobile deployments by work group or job function to all your devices from your computer.


Imagine that you need to adjust settings or add barcode symbology to your mobile scanning devices – an MDM can manage all these features without your IT team spending hours manually updating each Hardware device.

Mobile Device Management Software Fast Facts

  • An MDM allows companies to specialize device controls (such as function keys) to maximize time on the production floor.
  • Through an MDM, companies can segment mobile deployments by work groups and user roles which makes managing barcode devices remotely that much easier.
  • MDM solutions support Android, Microsoft Windows CE, Microsoft Windows Mobile and iOS.

Safety & Security for your Devices

Using an MDM, your IT team can update firmware and perform updates in a matter of minutes from a PC. This saves time and removes the headache of having to touch every device to manually perform security updates or settings. An MDM also increases security, with added features like creating a GEO-fence around a facility to lock down the device should it leave the mapped out area. It also enables companies to lock out certain application, websites, and settings to secure the device. It can provide status updates on battery life and maintenance. It even allows for single or group messages to be sent to the devices from a single source for important announcements. These are just a few of the features a MDM provides, any of which will greatly impact any client that run multiple devices in their organization.

Does an MDM Make Sense for my Business?

We recommend investing in a Mobile Device Management solutions for any Customer who has over 20 devices or has more than one location. Typically, a company has one person or team managing their device lot. When the device count exceeds 20, they are faced with a heavier workload in supporting their devices.

If your operation has multiple locations, you are able to receive remote support and updates without having to send devices to your headquarters which minimizes downtime and keeps their devices performing in production even longer.

A Hardware Adviser can Help

Since an MDM system maximizes productivity by streamlining communication and commands from a PC to the devices while having a low cost, MDM user licenses have a quick ROI. At RF-SMART, we always recommend that you meet with a trusted hardware adviser to determine what products and services are right for your business. 


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