Hardware Life Hacks: How-To use Barcode Scanner Settings Effectively

Life Hacks seem to be one of the most popular trends on the internet right now. Articles all over the web will tell you that shaving cream takes care of a foggy mirror, putting ice cubes in the dryer will de-wrinkle your clothes, or turning on the heated seats in your car can keep your pizza warm on the drive home - The list goes on and on. But what if you were able to "life hack" your hardware to get the most out of your investment?Tim Talks copy-1

If you’ve chosen to automate data collection in your warehouse, we have a few tips that can make your hardware investment go even further. Monthly on the RF-SMART YouTube Channel, we release a quick video with step by step instructions for Zebra and Honeywell devices that  will help optimize your barcode scanners to increase productivity and efficiency. Think of them as life hacks for your hardware! We call these videos Tim Talks because they’re hosted by RF-SMART’s resident hardware wizard, Tim Finnerty.

How to Turn on Auto Enter

This video will teach you how to enable the send-enter key feature (also known as auto enter or auto carriage return). This setting will move the cursor from one field to another automatically, preventing you from having to manually hit “enter” or move the cursor to the next field, saving time and increasing worker productivity.

View the Zebra version of this video 

Enable Center Decoding

In this video, Tim shows you how to enable center decoding. Center decoding is a setting on the device that allows you to narrow your center of focus on the scanner to prevent misreads in areas that may have multiple barcodes close together. This will increase accuracy by ensuring you scan the correct barcode. 

View the Honeywell version of this video

Enable Check Digit & Number System Values on UPC-A Barcodes

This Tim Talk walks you through enabling the send number system and send check digit characters in regards to a UPC-A barcode. Without these settings enabled, the barcode scanner will leave off these characters, which can be problematic if  you are scanning into a database that is looking for the full SKU number, including the number system and check digit characters. Enabling this feature prevents invalid items and mis-scans.

View the Zebra version of this video

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