Q&A: Why Oracle Cloud Certifications Matter

Since the beginning, RF-SMART has been a strategic mobile partner with Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud. Our products team continues to work closely with Oracle Product Strategy to develop a real-time, high-performance cloud application that is specifically built for Oracle Inventory and Manufacturing Cloud. On top of that, 100% of the RF-SMART Business Analysts have achieved Oracle Cloud Certifications. So what does this mean for you?


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Q: Why is it important for RF-SMART to achieve Oracle Certifications?

In order to provide the best service to our customers, we have to understand not just the RF-SMART piece, but the business side and how these two intersect with Oracle. To do this, it is critical that we speak the same language as our partners. A successful RF-SMART project is when we are viewed as a member on the overall Oracle implementation team. By getting our staff certified, we learn the ins and outs of Oracle Cloud, and it allows us to be a part of the whole implementation and support team. 

Q: What are Oracle Cloud Certifications?

The Oracle Cloud certification program is broken down into functional areas such as inventory, manufacturing, procurement, order management and more. To achieve certification, you need to invest hours of preparation time, conduct extensive testing in your Oracle Cloud environment, and finally take an exam that requires a 65% score to pass.

Q: Who is certified at RF-SMART?

What started off as a challenge to two staff members to be certified within our Oracle team, has turned into the entire RF-SMART Oracle Implementation team now certified in a number of functional areas. Our Business Analysts, Solution Architects and Project Managers lead the way in gaining as much knowledge about Oracle Cloud to ensure their expertise with the products. This allows this team the ability to provide further insights in configuring a mobile Oracle inventory solution for Oracle customers.

Q: Are Oracle certifications valid indefinitely?

No, as part of our approach to constant learning and keeping current of the Oracle product roadmap, the issued certifications are only valid for a couple of years. Our RF-SMART team is dedicated to constant education, and the team will renew their certifications as needed. 

Q: What is the biggest value to our RF-SMART customers?

At RF-SMART we pride ourselves in being crazy for our customers, going the extra mile, and we truly value our long term relationships. While the Oracle implementation partner is the key driver for setting up and configuring Oracle Cloud, they will eventually leave - making the customer the owner of their Oracle solution. Since your mobile solution does not end, our team is still there to help answer any Oracle-related questions. Knowing the Oracle product and their site configuration, our team can assist customers when we get the question of "Hey, we saw this is coming out in Oracle..." Yep, we can help with that.

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