Advice from NetSuite Retail Customers: Automate Manual Processes is a leading online retailer for bartending and bar supplies, and in the words of their COO, is the perfect example of “a business who came from an old way of doing things to quickly catching up to the forefront of warehouse management.” Their advise to other NetSuite retail customers? Now is the time to automate your processes.
BarProducts uses RF-SMART to automate their warehouse

As experienced rapid, double-digit growth, picking was becoming a “goose hunt” for the individual SKU amounts using their manual process. (And they have over 10,000 SKUs!) implemented RF-SMART to automate their warehouse through a retail inventory management solution for NetSuite and found 4 major benefits almost immediately: 

  1. Instant accuracy verification and error reduction - Unlike their paper-based system, RF-SMART instantly checks picking accuracy at the bin, correcting employees before they even reach for the wrong item. This prevents time from being lost by pickers having to return and replace mis-picked items, or worse, shipping them incorrectly. RF-SMART also guides the worker to each pick, allowing them to make up to 30 picks at a time.
  2. More efficient processes - The RF-SMART system is incredibly simple to use, cutting training time down to 15 minutes and making the entire process fast, sleek, and intuitive.
  3. Increased data and manager insight - Not only can RF-SMART guide workers efficiently, it instantly records the activity, giving managers easy oversight and tracking in real-time. Every movement of every item is logged in NetSuite. This tracking provides invaluable data to as to who their most effective workers are, a level of insight they didn’t have before.
  4. Real-time inventory visibility - now has a real-time view over all the stock in their warehouse, allowing them to easily compare their full inventory bin-by-bin to the general ledger.  

“We can confidently say that RF-SMART has provided us with the most clarity in our warehouse functions. It allows us to run our business better.” 

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