BarProducts Case Study

Since its creation in 1995, has become a leading online retailer for the bartending and bar supplies market.

With over 10,000 products, ships internationally from its two warehouses. Additionally running an imprinting production facility for their products, needed an ERP and RF data collection solution to match the breadth of their business scope. After selecting NetSuite, chose premium data collection solution RF-SMART, launching the biggest change in the company’s history.

“ is the perfect case study of a business who came from such an old way of doing things to very quickly catching up to the forefront of warehousing and warehouse management,“ said Joey Rosati, Chief Operating Officer.

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The Old Way: Inaccurate and Muddled Data

Previous to NetSuite, was using a very small-scale ERP. As’s business continued to experience tremendous growth, they were prompted to search for a new ERP, one that would be developing new functionality to match’s growth rate.

In the old business model, there were many points of failure and many opportunities for human error. Warehouse employees were completing orders using paper pick slips by guessing which aisles the products were located and what sequence to pick the orders. This spelled disaster for a company with more than 10,000 SKUs, and one that was experiencing double-digit growth every year, states Rosati. wasn’t able to track the imprinting and customizations,nor did they have an accurate and real-time picture of their inventory.

“It was a goose hunt to find the items,” says Rosati.

Rosati knew there had to be a better way. His look for a new solution led him to NetSuite, and ultimately to RF-SMART, where he found the traceability and transparency needed in order to more effectively compete in the eCommerce space.

The New Way: Pony Up to the Bar with RF-SMART

While was a paper-based operation with almost no visibility into warehouse operations before, now all sales orders are handled through RF-SMART. The seamless integration into NetSuite means that Rosati has full transparency in real-time.

“RF-SMART logs every single movement of every single item all along the process in regards to inventory transfer, sales order picking, and inventory adjustment,” says Rosati.

They are also now able to track the entire imprinting process through work orders and assemblies - data they did not have prior to implementing RF-SMART. Other data did not have prior to RF-SMART was a full inventory of items by bins. They now have an accurate inventory that they can compare to their general ledger.

The Results: Straight Up

Rosati notes that the #1 issue prior to RF-SMART was that they would ship the wrong item or forget to ship an item. “As an eCommerce company, you have to get the package to the customer in the quickest time with the least amount of errors.”

Now with RF-SMART, the overall shipping errors have decreased more than 50%. While volume is increasing by double digits, customer complaints have gone down by more than half. No longer are pickers grabbing items off a shelf. Instead, using advanced picking and item look-up, warehouse staff are picking orders correctly, and more efficiently. In fact, they are now able to pick 30 orders in one pass, resulting in a big win for the eCommerce business: same day shipping.

The accountability and traceability with RF-SMART has directly impacted’s business. For the first time, they are able to keep an accurate inventory log. These factors have combined to contribute to the growth of their business. “We can confidently say that RF-SMART has provided us with the most clarity in our warehouse functions. It allows us to run our business better,” Rosati said.

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“We can confidently say that RF-SMART has provided us with the most clarity in our warehouse functions. It allows us to run our business better.”

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