Confessions of a RF-SMART Intern: Does RF-SMART Live Out What It Says?

Summer is drawing to an end, and as RF-SMART’s summer intern, this means my time here is also wrapping up. As I come to this final stretch, I find myself thinking of how I would describe this company and the position I have held within it. RF-SMART defines its own culture with its Performance Principles, the statements they’ve declared as the standard for what Customers should expect. Being at RF-SMART just a few months, here are 4 Principles that have been the most visible to me.  

Summer Intern Summer Outing

1. We take fun seriously: Of all the Performance Principles, I feel this is one of the most visible for anyone entering into the office. RF-SMART is fun. And the fact that they take it seriously is without question. From team outings for Chickfila Cow Appreciation Day to Nerf wars to end the day, the people at RF-SMART treat fun as something that should be discovered in any interaction they take part in. They enjoy what they do and enjoy serving Customers.

2. Easy to do Business With: My desk is flanked by two people who work in RF-SMART’s Support Department, and it’s clear to me that RF-SMART is easy to do business with – if the patience they exhibit walking Customers through solutions is any indication at all. Among coworkers, this is no different. I conducted interviews for our Employee Spotlight Campaign,and each time I reached out to interview someone, they found time to work with me – including one of the Vice Presidents.  

3. Ever Expanding Impact: One of the things I struggled with at first was the question of my impact. Doing data research and social media posts were tasks that I could enjoy and accomplish, but it was helpful to see my impact in the department and how I created value. It was obvious, though, from the start where RF-SMART was making an impact. Reading case studies and customer testimonials, it is clear to me that RF-SMART is filling a definite need and helping companies grow and thrive around the world.

But this attitude goes beyond our product. Right now, we are sharing office space with a local Non Profit organization, Rethreaded, whose air conditioner broke in their office and warehouse space – in the middle of summer! Why did they come here? “Because we want to live out our mission of transforming Customers and changing lives.” That’s what the email I received said, and at RF-SMART, that is the only justification that is needed.

4. We are Compassionate: The people at RF-SMART care. I personally saw signs of this the moment I came on board. I lost track my first week of how many people told me that if I had any questions, just ask. All my neighbors introduced themselves. I was invited to the weekly soccer game that a handful of people played every Thursday. But I think the best demonstration of compassion toward me (which is so prevalent throughout the office for each other and their Customers) is the reaction people had to my desire to participate in the RF-SMART Office Olympics.

When I arrived at RF-SMART, the games were just getting underway, and I saw the running scores of each of the four teams in the break room. Interested in participating, I mentioned to a few people that I would really like to join a team. Even though in the past only full-time employees were able to participate in the Health & Wellness benefits, like the Olympics, I was added to the roster. I wasn’t here for the opening ceremonies, nor will I be here when the scores are finally tallied and the victor announced, but I was still allowed to participate. It might seem trivial, but I felt truly cared for, that RF-SMART would do that for an intern staying just three months - for no other reason than it meant a lot to me, and I asked. I think that says something about the compassion of this company.

When I started looking for a summer internship last spring, I would have gladly accepted anything, even something straight out of Dilbert. I’d heard about great opportunities other people had encountered through internships, and I’d heard several horror stories as well. But looking back at this summer, I count myself lucky to not only have learned a great deal, but also have seen what a company looks like when the standards for company culture are not only met, but exceeded.

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