RF-SMART Welcomes John Marinatos Vice President of Product Engineering

Jacksonville, Florida - RF-SMART, a global provider of warehouse, manufacturing and retail mobility software and services for more than 40 years, has appointed John Marinatos to Vice President of Product Engineering. 

RF-SMART Welcomes John Marinatos as VP


John Marinatos brings over 10 years of senior technology leadership experience to RF-SMART. He was previously the Vice President of Product Development with Advent Software/Black Diamond Performance Reporting. As a Software Engineering leader with expertise in managing Development and QA, as well as working in an agile, multi-tenant SaaS business, John has a passion for realizing results through relationships with his teams.

John will report to RF-SMART CEO, Michael Morales, and will serve on the Executive Team. “John was the obvious choice for us in a field of excellent technology leaders,” remarked Michael. “He exemplifies the style of leadership needed to lead our valued Product Engineering teams, accelerating RF-SMART’s growth and innovation. We know John is a great addition to the RF-SMART family.”

John Marinatos“I am very excited to be joining RF-SMART," said John. "I was compelled by the opportunity to join an organization and team with strong vision, culture and great leadership. I look forward to working with Michael and the entire organization to further augment the future success of RF-SMART."

John will begin his career at RF-SMART today, February 22, 2021.



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