Q&A: How Noonday Reduced Mis-Ships with  RF-SMART's Inventory Management System

Getting orders out of the door accurately and quickly has meant steady growth for Noonday Collection. Starting from a single office on the second floor, this certified Fairtrade agreement enterprise founded in 2010 now occupies the entire building. See how NetSuite and RF-SMART are adding value to their operations by increasing their efficiency and accuracy with every order placed.

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Q: What is Noonday Collection?

Noonday Collection is a socially responsible company that works in communities that may not have access to large markets easily. Noonday Collections’ mission is to benefit vulnerable communities, by partnering with 33 artisans in more than 15 countries to produce beautiful jewelry pieces. Empowering women as stylists across the US, the Noonday Collection brand ambassadors sell these products to their networks via events and personal profiles. This sustainable sourcing and selling business model is the core of the Noonday Collection. Going live with NetSuite in 2017, they chose RF-SMART as their NetSuite WMS system.

Q: Take us back to the beginning of implementing RF-SMART. What was the initial experience like?

Noonday's warehouse had inventory controls set up but no barcoding solution. Saeeda Buzzeo, Operations Manager at Noonday Collective, says RF-SMART was a game-changer for their business. The inventory management system made the warehouse more organized, and more efficient with more orders being systematically picked with fewer errors.

On the first day, Saeeda found it very easy to scan and pick orders. This is a big benefit when training new warehouse staff, as it can take less than 30 minutes to learn how to pick with a scanner. This leads to efficiencies and getting more orders out the door.

Q: What are the issues Noonday Collection was trying to solve with RF-SMART?

Stock accuracy needs to be exact (up to the minute) to avoid customer disappointment in this fast churn business. Cycle counts 3 to 4 times a week allows the team to uncover any problems, investigate and correct them. The warehouse changed its order picking flow to ensure pickers were less likely to make an error by only picking one sales order at a time. Noonday reported a significant decrease in mis-shipped products with the picker now giving each order its full attention. Using RF-SMART's Pack Station for NetSuite, the team is confident orders are correctly packed, labelled and shipped.

Q: Which features of RF-SMART and NetSuite are transforming Noonday Collection?

Bin transfers and bin replenishment are the most commonly used, as well as the cycle count function. “That’s really helped our business stay on track," said Marilyn Benejam, Noonday's Inventory Specialist. "We do a cycle count of different items each time, which really helps us keep accurate numbers of items.” Marilyn began in customer services and knows the disappoint and damage to reputation when a customers’ order has to be cancelled because the inventory is incorrect and the order cannot be fulfilled. That is no longer the case with RF-SMART.

Take a tour of their warehouse and see RF-SMART in action! 

Q: How important was it that your WMS be native to NetSuite?

It was very important the solution be a Native SuiteApp, as Noonday's order volume left no time for warehouse data to lag behind orders being placed. Noonday needed a solution that was accurate and functional in real-time. RF-SMART ensures stock items are picked, packed and shipped quickly and reflected in NetSuite with no errors. 

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