Benefits of Using RF-SMART

RF-SMART has been developing mobile data collection solutions since 1982, and we have more than 2,000 installations around the world.

Our products are developed, implemented and supported by people with Dynamics AX knowledge, logistics execution expertise and a deep understanding of barcoding mobile solutions — a unique combination of experience that results in well thought-out solutions, customer satisfaction and a great ROI for our customers.

Why Customers and Partners are Choosing RF-SMART:


Reliable, Scalable Integration

Our validated integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX (from versions 3 to 2012 R3) and Dynamics 365 is reliable, stable and scalable. RF-SMART is likely to be the most hands-off component of your ERP environment. Our team has invested significant resources to becoming experts in R3, and we're here to help you understand your options.


A Single, Configurable Application Framework

RF-SMART solutions leverage a single application framework (our Management Suite) accessed through an easy-to-use Web-based console. Because of the extensive logic built into our solutions, you can configure your entire suite of mobile applications, monitor every mobile device and user, manage security and create new transaction workflow versions using point-and-click settings – not programmers.


Value-added Functionality with No Modifications to Dynamics AX

In addition to supporting a vast majority of AX manufacturingwarehousing, and retail inventory management functionality out-of-the-box, RF-SMART also adds functionality to AX without requiring any AX modifications. Some examples are automated replenishment, random cycle counts and carton packing. This approach maximizes the functional value of your core AX investment, reduces your cost of IT capability and helps you keep your AX as “vanilla” as you want it.

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Integrated Utilities that Improve ROI and Reduce Complexity

Built into RF-SMART are a number of utilities and features that turbo-charge productivity, solution performance and your ROI across your supply chain:

  • Manager Dashboards
    With the RF-SMART Manager Dashboards, warehouse and operations managers can gain clear insights into logistics execution performance and productivity. See your operational performance like you’ve never seen it before.
  • Integrated Labeling
    Our fully-integrated Print Manager allows every printer and label printing function to work directly from our web-based Management Suite. An optional label designer gives you complete control over the label design process.
  • Device Management
    Monitor device performance, battery life, security — even take control of devices that may be subject to theft or misuse.
  • Labor Management Reporting 
    RF-SMART's Labor Management Reporting gives warehouse and operations managers clear insights into performance and productivity like no other solution can. Seven defined reports provide in-depth views of employee productivity, performance and utilization across the supply chain.
  • Automation Module
    Our  Automation Module allows you to manage your 3rd party automated solutions (such as picking cranes, conveyance systems, etc.) directly in Microsoft Dynamics AX for real-time updates of material movement and inventory changes.

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