Warehouse & Logistics Data Collection

Companies using Microsoft Dynamics can take full advantage of powerful barcoding and data collection functionality for Warehousing and Distribution.


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Does your warehouse struggle with mis-shipments? Are you spending money to fix these errors & wish there was a way to pinpoint the issue?

With RF-SMART, ensure accurate operations by automating the process from the start. Studies show the top place errors are made is from the receiving dock to the product’s location. Beat this statistic with real-time validation into Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365 using RF-SMART. Every step – from receiving, to picking to shipping – is captured and confirmed as soon as it happens. Increase ROI & Customer Satisfaction - At the Same Time! 

Are you having to shut down entire sections of your warehouse to count?

RF-SMART changes the very nature of how customers do counting. By using ADC technology, you track when and where inventory is put into a location, and then again every time it gets moved. When it comes time to count, you can enter the updated on-hand quantity in real time. For many, RF-SMART eliminates the need for annual physical counts because their inventory is 99.9% accurate - on a daily basis. Reduce Labor Costs with RF-SMART!

RF-MART can provide flexible, proven and purpose-built warehouse and logistics functionality including:

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