Easy Label Printing for Microsoft Dynamics

Increase accuracy and efficiency when printing labels in Microsoft Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365 with Print Suite Bridge


Our customers wanted an easier way to get more data to their labels without workflow modifications and then print directly from Microsoft Dynamics. Meet Print Suite Bridge, our enterprise labeling solution. Not only does Print Suite Bridge automate basic label printing, but it is the perfect solution to fill the gaps when it comes to labeling in AX 2012 or D365.

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How does Print Suite Bridge work?

First, you start by designing the label. Print Suite Bridge responds to the label requests using executables. These can be drop files or tables from AX / D365 or RF-SMART.

Once an executable is started, the pre-print processing can collect data from multiple systems, including a machine or web database. You also have the ability to add more fields and additional, potentially complex data to labels.

After the pre-print processing, labels are sent to the appropriate printer.

In post-printing processing, you are able to log print requests to another data source. You can also print confirmations and error handling, and receive feedback on job and printer statuses in real-time.


How does Print Suite Bridge solve your business needs?

  • Industry-standard labeling elements at your fingertips. Pull symbols, signal words, and hazard elements from a centralized database, as well as additional label requirements (like lot and serial numbers, or expiration dates) from AX - ensuring that your compliance labels contain essential, approved messages to increase efficiency.

  • Flexible and scalable. Connect all of your printers to your applications. Print Suite Bridge even connects to specific printers based on user, transaction, location or other AX field.

  • Increase efficiency. The easy-to-use label designer allows you to choose fonts and place symbols, barcodes, and images where you want them for quick, easy customization in minutes - instead of weeks!

  • Reduce errors and gain quick return on investment. Automate your labeling process - a simplified print interface reduces reprints, eliminates the risk of human error and saves material costs.

GHS Compliance

GHS, a global standard for labels containing hazardous materials, went into effect June 2015. To meet the GHS label requirements, you’ll need to pull data from different systems - AX, SDS database, even excel - in order to capture all of the chemical product statements and pictograms, as well as your product and supplier information. That can quickly lead to redundant data sources and wasted money on manual processes

With Print Suite Bridge, you can work from a single source of truth for creating and printing your labels - bringing all of your databases together in one place. 

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