Microsoft Dynamics AX Hardware

Every service we offer is designed to make your RF-SMART project—and your company—more successful. In addition to the convenience of one stop shopping, our services are provided by experienced, well-trained professionals whose primary objective is your complete satisfaction.

Hardware Demo Device Request

Want to try out the newest technology and fastest processors for your warehouse?

Device Selection and Configuration

The mobile devices you choose is impacted by a number of variables, and we're here to help you navigate through them all.

Device Training & Post Deployment Services

You have Microsoft Dynamics AX implemented and your data collection software running, but then you have a challenge on your assembly line ...

Printing Solutions

What’s best for your environment and business—fixed or mobile printers? That is the question.

Media & Supplies

One thing often forgotten when it comes to assessing the business needs for warehouse management is labeling.

Site Surveys, Connectivity & Wireless Infrastructure

Who will do the site survey, who will do the installation, and who will do the cabling? RF-SMART has the expertise to help with all three services.

Mobile Hardware Sales & Services

Let’s face it, when it comes to the complexity with warehouse solutions, you want subject-matter expertise. RF-SMART is an industry-leading solution, and anywhere you need supply chain execution services, that is where we fit.

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