Machine Integration

The Internet of Things is a megatrend impacting every area of life and business. We believe it opens up a new set of interactions with Microsoft Dynamics solutions – ones that reduce user-interaction and manual processes:


Do you want to engage deeper into your warehouse with a scalable, easy to implement integration service for 3rd party solutions - like picking cranes, conveyors, and RFID?  By leveraging our proven Microsoft Dynamics integration, our Automation Module  allows you to customize workflows and set default parameters of AX or D365 for 3rd party solutions, all while receiving the value of great real-time inventory management across your operations. 

Do your processes require any of the below integrations? If so, find out more about our Automation Module!

  • Conveyor Control Integration, including: Package routing, sortation, mixed product prevention and asset collection
  • PLC and PC Host Integration
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Custom control boxes and panel building complete with power, communications and discrete I/O for controlling external devices
  • Solutions designed to each client’s specific requirements

Scale Integration

The goal of automation is to eliminate manual data entry points. Capturing scale data is typically a manual process that relies on users to read and correctly type in weight measurements.  RF-SMART’s Scale Integration is a solution that allows RF-SMART to read weights directly from the scale, eliminating user error from manual entry - without a separate integration piece for your scales. Find out more about our Scale Integration to Microsoft Dynamics

Fixed Mount Barcode Scanning

A large part of automation involves the use of fixed mount, or "stationary," barcode readers to streamline operations for a  more efficient use of man power. Fixed mount readers are used many times for quality control, sortation, process control, and may other applications.

  • Fixed mounts can be laser based to read 1D codes only, or Image/Camera based with large coverage area to read both 1D and or 2D codes
  • Barcodes can be read when items are traveling on a conveyor
  • This technology enables real-time process control decisions, based on what is read

Machine Vision Inspection

Machine vision inspection systems are primarily used in quality control processes within manufacturing facilities. Each part is to be inspected while in production to ensure it meets the build specification.

  • Absence or presence of objects and contents verification
  • Dimensional Measurements
  • Assembly Verification
  • OCR and OCV for lot and date code reading and verification
  • Verifiers for 1D and 2D codes, verified in-line or off

Print-Apply and Ink Jet Marking Applications

Printer Applicators eliminate the need for human-applied labels onto packaging and continuous Inkjet printing eliminates labels. We have extensive experience and knowledge on integrating these systems into JD Edwards.

  • Software to drive the printing process for either a standalone printing system or an integrated system with host interface (ERP, WMS, PLC, etc.)
  • Fixed-mount scanners (often used to validate barcode print quality)
  • Machine Vision cameras used to validate human-readable characters
  • In-line barcode quality verification (a popular need in this space)

Tough to Read Parts, DPM (Direct Part Marking)

DPM is a growing segment, particularly for items that are difficult to label with a barcode. The DPM process can include inkjet, laser etch, dot peen stamp or any method to directly mark the code onto the substrate.

  • Use of 1D and 2D Data Matrix codes
  • Items that are exposed to harsh environmental conditions
  • Identification needed throughout the product life cycle
  • Requirements call for marking of items during the manufacturing process
  • The need for specialized readers

RFID Solutions

Passive RFID in warehousing and manufacturing provides an extension to traditional barcode data collection in areas that can benefit from unmanned automation or serialized tracking.

  • Customer Compliance
  • Factory / Warehouse Automation
  • Serialized Tracking – internal and supply chain
  • Asset Control

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