Aldevron Case Study - Microsoft Dynamics AX Case Study

Aldevron is a global biologics manufacturer of plasmid DNA, proteins and mRNA. They support companies from the research and pre-clinical testing phase all the way through to clinical and commercial grade manufacturing. With a complex manufacturing environment – including unique Bills of Material – Aldevron needed a WMS solution that could support demand planning and a controlled environment for FDA regulations. Microsoft D365 was chosen because it specializes in supporting manufacturing processes while providing the quality control and quality assurance necessary for FDA regulations.

Once Aldevron implemented Micosoft D365, it was clear the inherent WMS left functionality challenges. “Our plan was to use the inherent WMS with D365,” said David Mart, Senior Systems Analyst and Architect. “We didn’t want to have any additional modules but in the end, it was not a viable option.” There were some manual and clunky aspects of D365 WMS that were slowing down processes, including extra steps to scan UPC codes. The biggest challenge Aldevron needed to solve was the ability to expense raw materials to the right business unit.

Aldevron“Our inventory is very tightly controlled. We needed to capture all movement, including inventory as it’s used,” said David. “It is imperative that our manufacturing is executed right the first time, and that materials are stored correctly and shipped correctly.” While D365 WMS could provide most of the necessary functionality, it lacked the financial visibility into raw materials.

Necessary Functionality

“We needed a way to track what raw materials were consumed and bill the appropriate business unit,” said David. “Unfortunately, this process was manual in D365 WMS, so we looked for a solution that could provide this functionality.” Aldevron found that in RF-SMART. By scanning a barcode with the pertinent financial information, RF-SMART writes the financial dimensions on the movement and counting journals in D365. As a life sciences manufacturer, Aldevron needed to track batches and expiration dates, which D365 + RF-SMART supports.

“As we got further in with RF-SMART, we discovered that RF-SMART was better able to support us in other areas as well, including transfer order receiving, counting, purchase order receiving and label printing. This brought us a lot of additional benefits,” said David. In the D365 WMS app, users are not able to see a list of all open items on a PO. Whereas with RF-SMART, users are able to see what’s open on the PO and select the items that they are receiving. “The RF-SMART PO receiving functionality is very useful. Our receiving teams use it exclusively,” said David.

David’s team can print labels on demand using RF-SMART Print Suite Bridge. Regulated products must have a label to be transported. “Using the item inquiry function in RF-SMART, we can subdivide materials on demand and then print a label through Print Suite Bridge, ensuring materials get where they need to go,” said David. “RF-SMART provided the solution to the functionality gaps we had.”

Easy to Use

“RF-SMART is easy to manage and easy to train users,” David said. David is able to modify workflows to meet the needs of Aldevron. “RF-SMART is very feature-rich and I like that I don’t have to go through the support team to make modifications.” Users like the simple, intuitive RF-SMART user interface that prompts them through transactions.

“With D365 + RF-SMART, we’re able to capture all inventory movement,” said David. RF-SMART has filled the necessary gap in tracking raw material consumption, providing the necessary financial visibility. “RF-SMART filled a gap for us.”

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