Georgia Construction Products Case Study

GCP is a specialized distributor of concrete repair and waterproofing materials. With RF-SMART, GCP turned manual processes into automated efficiency. As a result, material turn around decreased from days to hours.

Georgia Construction Products opened in 1991 as a specialized wholesale distributor of construction products. While it has grown significantly in the past 20 years, GCP is proudly operating with a similar focus: supplying concrete repair and waterproofing materials from their Atlanta and Alabama-based warehouses. As their inventory grew and their warehouses expanded, it became vital for GCP to have a good system to manage their growing business.

The Need for Automated Data Collection

GCP implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX, and it was a great aid in managing their warehouse, but they still needed a solution to not only manage but also make their warehouse more efficient. In their initial research, GCP heard that RF-SMART was the best program to choose for its pricetag, seamless functionality, and ease of use.

The RF-SMART Difference

“The change was evident from day one,” said David Heusel, President of GCP. “After implementing RF-SMART, we saw a lot more efficiencies in our processes. The difference was gigantic.”

Prior to using RF-SMART in their warehouse, GCP operated from a manual process that involved paper to people and people to paper. With just one shipment receipt, the process would involve potentially four workers. With automated data collection, the process is consolidated to one person.

Now, GCP is able to use a handheld and the RF-SMART Purchase Order Receipt workflow to receive the items, print a report from and then scan and put away the items in the proper locations. This dramatically improves their employee accuracy and efficiency. Since implementing RF-SMART, David reports saving 10 labor hours a week, which equates to approximately $20,000 a year.

In addition to solving their manual constraints, GCP has been able to gain real-time visibility into their inventory. Where it used to take them a couple of days to update the system on what items were available to be shipped, GCP can now ship materials within hours of receiving them. “To see that an item is received and available to be distributed within minutes is huge,” David said.

Confidence in the Future

GCP also found that RF-SMART could save them time in training their current and future warehouse workers. After one day of training with just one worker, the trainee then taught the entire warehouse staff. They are currently only using RF-SMART in their Atlanta location, but for David, it could be an easy transition and implementation into their newly opened warehouse is Alabama.

“We have been completely satisfied with what RF-SMART has done for our company,” David said. “We think it saved us a lot of time and has cut down errors. We don’t have to think about it – it just works.”

Learn how GCP turned manual processes into automated efficiency with RF-SMART.

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