What are the Top 5 WMS Features for NetSuite?

With so many WMS features for NetSuite available, it is important to identify specific functions that meet your business’ needs. While many users are evaluating items like integration, ease of use, cost, and ROI, it is easy to forget about the actual WMS functions themselves and how they can elevate your existing processes.

In this blog post, we will discuss the Top 5 WMS features our customers look for when evaluating a WMS for NetSuite. You can use the numbered links to skip to specific features.

  1. Counting
  2. Picking
  3. Receiving/Putaway
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Automation

Top 5 WMS Features for NetSuite WMS

Top 5 WMS Features for NetSuite

1. Counting

Counting is always the #1 pain point we hear about from our customers. Many WMS evaluations are the result of a bad counting experience. Having accurate inventory counts provides a strong foundation for the rest of your inventory processes. We recommend evaluating a solution that has the capabilities to perform full physical inventory counts, as well as cycle count 

Why Cycle Count? Maintaining accurate inventory is mission-critical for today’s supply chain. Exact on-hand quantities are needed for inventory and production planning and to execute an efficient fulfillment process. Accurate inventory counts are the basis for all other inventory processes, such as picking, packing, and shipping. Eliminating manual counting through mobile barcoding can lead to increased accuracy, efficiency, and customer service. With cycle counting, many RF-SMART customers see inventory accuracy of 99% or more - without freezing inventory.  




“Daily cycle counts allow us to catch inventory discrepancies sooner rather than later. This is impacting [our] bottom line. Loss due to inventory variance has improved since implementing RF-SMART.”  

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2. Picking

Automated picking is another one of the top WMS features for those investigating a WMS. Inaccurate picking can result in inventory inaccuracy and increased customer service complaints over receiving the wrong item. Picking with a mobile handheld can minimize costly customer returns and maximize efficiency. After all, 60% of a typical warehouse worker’s cost is spent on the picking process. Improving this piece of your inventory management strategy can impact your entire business.  

Why Advanced Picking? RF-SMART’s Picking Strategy Tools, Pick Manager and Pick Planner, reduce the reliance on paper by creating the electronic assignment of sales orders and then directing workers through the warehouse through the mobile application. Since multiple tasks are sent to the mobile devices instantly, your workers are put on the most efficient route through the warehouse, increasing efficiency and productivity. In fact, some customers see picking time reduced by 75% using these strategies. 




“Zone picking let us realize parcel savingsOur overtime and labor hours are significantly less than the previous year. We saved around $60K in labor last year. This positively impacts our efficiency and quality, which in turn, improves our customer service.” 

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3. Receiving/Bin Putaway

Receiving should always be high on your consideration list for WMS features because there are so many ways receiving can be done. At RF-SMART, we most commonly see customers receiving directly to the mobile handheld, or by creating a receiving station that has a computer (usually on a cart that can be moved around) and a wedge scanner. Many NetSuite users choose to leverage bins for this reason. 

Why Bins? Bins are locations in NetSuite that help direct your warehouse staff to efficiently putaway items that have been received. Bins also lead to more efficient picking, cycle counting, and overall organization. We've heard from our customers that opting into bins has  improved performance and allowed them to save in labor costs as well. Check out this demo of Bin Putaway: 





“Prior to RF-SMART, we did not have a lot of inventory control. Using bins, we know exactly where each item is in our warehouse - no more relying on individual knowledge.”


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4. Manufacturing

Manufacturing comes with a unique set of challenges and regulations. By electronically collecting, validating, and entering data into NetSuite—and by directing employees to perform their tasks— a simple barcode enabled execution solution like RF-SMART enables NetSuite manufacturing customers to automate processes.  This is best demonstrated by issuing components for a work order.  By simply scanning the work order, RF-SMART guides the worker on the most efficient pick path to gather all necessary components needed to assemble their order. 

Why Work Order Reporting? Manufacturers need to continue to improve labor productivity, both to remain profitable and to provide the best customer service possible. But most companies are unaware of how productive their workers are or what it really costs to make their goods. Mobile Work Order Reporting allows you to track completions and labor at each step of the manufacturing process. Additionally, workers gain visibility into tasks that need to be completed and are prompted through completing them on a mobile handheld. 




“The ease of operation and the improvement to our customer service made RF-SMART a smart investment... More than that, RF-SMART is dedicated to our success. Our company will be able to grow in the future with RF-SMART, and I consider them my partner in running my business.”


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5. Automation

Warehouse automation has become more and more popular in recent years; however, many WMS systems cannot accommodate it. The RF-SMART Automation Module leverages our proven Built-for-NetSuite integration connected directly to your manufacturing and supply chain equipment to drive additional efficiency and accuracy.  This manufacturing and Supply Chain equipment may include Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) systems, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), Shop Floor Manufacturing equipment, or other strategic material handling devices 

Why ASRS? Vertical Lift Modules (VLM), carousel systems, robotic shuttle systems, picking towers, and similar equipment can tap into a customer’s unused vertical space, and provide faster, more accurate fulfillment processes. RF-SMART integrates the ASRS to NetSuite for a fully automated picking and inventory management solution.  

RF-SMART enhances the solution by strategically grouping the NetSuite orders and tasks and electronically sending those to the ASRS.  Once those picks are confirmed, RF-SMART automatically records the transactions in NetSuite, keeping inventory updated real-time.  RF-SMART also determines when inventory within the ASRS needs to be replenished and enables workers within the warehouse to perform these replenishments through RF-SMART mobile barcode-enabled transactions.  


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“We now have pick plans set up in Pick Planner specifically for the VLM. One of the things that we realized is that investing into technologies (whether that be software, equipment or best practices) it really helps us to get more done with the same amount of people.”

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As you can see, there is a lot to consider when choosing a WMS, and these are only 5 WMS features of many offered by RF-SMART. We've helped more than 2,000 NetSuite customers of all sizes and industries complete these WMS implementation steps and find accuracy using our Built-for-NetSuite inventory management solution.

RF-SMART acts as a mobile extension of your ERP, creating one system of truth for your entire business. Want to learn more about the top-rated WMS functionality for NetSuite we provide? Schedule a custom demo today!

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