Analytics Tools for Oracle JD Edwards

Apply data analytics to your workforce to improve productivity.

Companies are looking for data-driven solutions to provide real-time feedback on their labor investment. RF-SMART has a suite of Analytics tools to help you report, track and offer feedback on your workforce performance:

  • Labor Management Reporting -  7 purpose-built reports that give warehouse managers the ability to look at productivity, efficiency, and ROI across the supply chain - and make better decisions based on that insight.
  • Indirect Activities Time Tracking - Track task-based job duties that are typically not recorded using mobile scanning applications.
  • Performance Metrics - Provide productivity updates to workers in real-time throughout their shift, eliminating the wait for paper reports to be posted or walking to a specific area of the warehouse to view dashboards.



"Lutron plans to use RF-SMART analytics in its production and warehouse spaces to transition from manual, weekly metrics to automating them daily. These include picking and putaway rates, evaluating the amount per hour, downtime, and transactions per department. "

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