Redners Warehouse Markets Case Study

Redner’s Markets Inc. is a grocery chain with over 50 retail locations across the Northeast United States.  Redner's was able to increase their accuracy to over 99%, creating significant time savings. 

Redner’s Markets Inc. began in 1970 with two small supermarkets in Pennsylvania. Today, Redner’s operates 43 warehouse markets and 14 Redner’s Quick Shoppe convenience stores across Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. This success can be attributed, in part, to their commitment to being at the forefront of change within the food and beverage industry.

The Need for Automated Data Collection

Redner’s began researching automated data collection solutions. With the amount of stores they were running, products they were selling, and increasing legislation in the food and beverage industry, Redner’s needed an ADC solution that would help them streamline operation between their two warehouses and numerous stores. Redner’s found RF-SMART through an internet search and chose it for its functionality, which extended beyond competing ADC solutions.

RF-SMART in Action

Redner’s first goal for the RF-SMART implementation was to increase efficiency within inventory control. Step one of this process was to cut down on manual data entry. With the RF-SMART implementation, Redner’s was able to sync transactional information with the ERP, making data digital and available in real time. This provided the visibility into operations that has now become almost imperative in the food and beverage industry.

In fact, IT Warehouse Specialist at Redner’s, Seth Humer said, “We didn’t realize how much of a gain it would be. We save a lot of time and effort.”


Additionally, Redner’s uses RF-SMART’s label printing and cycle counting capabilities within their warehouses. Through RF-SMART, shipping labels can be prepared and printed on the warehouse floor to expedite the delivery process. Leveraging RF-SMART’s cycle counting functionality has enabled Redner’s to maintain an accurate count of various products across their two different warehouse locations.

Just before their implementation of RF-SMART, Redner’s measured 97.2% accuracy in an evaluation of their dairy department. After digitizing their processes through RF-SMART, Redner’s accuracy rating increased to 99.05%. This increased accuracy saves Redner’s labor hours in both their warehouses and stores.

The Future with RF-SMART

Redner’s continues to move forward with RF-SMART in their effort to streamline operations. They are currently implementing dual units of measure and are planning to roll-out lot processing and date control in the near future. Overall, Redner’s is pleased with RF-SMART’s performance. “I am very satisfied with my relationship with RF-SMART; from implementation through support, they have been helpful and responsive,” said Seth.

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“I am very satisfied with my relationship with RF-SMART; from implementation through support, they have been helpful and responsive.” 

Learn how Redner's was able to increase their inventory accuracy to 99% utilizing RF-SMART.

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