Mobile Healthcare PAR Management (Offline)

Once your PAR locations are defined in RF-SMART’s PAR Management, your are ready to send your workers out to count and observe your inventory.


“The offline PAR counting feature is very beneficial. I can rely on the fact the data downloads to the device and then uploads later to Oracle SCM Cloud if my employees go through a dead spot in the hospital’s WiFi”  ~ Fairfield Nodal

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RF-SMART Mobile PAR Management

Worker’s count locations on a periodic basis to make sure everything is at the optimum (PAR) level. Our offline mobile application has a user-friendly UI that is easy to use and learn, reducing training time. You also don’t have to worry about spotty wi-fi throughout your facility.

RF-SMART and Oracle work seamlessly to trigger replenishments and appropriately expense items. Purchase Orders for vendor supplied item & an IMT/Transfer Orders for storeroom replenished items are created automatically.

Mobile offline functions inlcude:

  • Count
  • Request
  • Two-Bin
  • Item Look-up
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