Easy Inventory Location Management

Make real-time inventory management decisions with the ability to automatically transfer items between locations - resolving stockouts and low inventory levels without purchasing more.

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to transfer items between locations? A big challenge for warehouse management, merchandisers and inventory planners is having real-time visibility into multiple locations and their inventory levels.

Currently, there isn’t a method in NetSuite to view multiple locations and their inventory. This is problematic if you are experiencing low inventory levels or stock outs.  

That is where RF-SMART comes in with it's Inventory Location Management Solutions.

Inventory Location Leveling

RF-SMART’s Location Leveling is built in NetSuite and gives you an interactive view of your inventory levels, with the ability to automatically transfer inventory between stores in a few easy steps:

  • User enters search parameters into NetSuite
  • Store Leveling presents an easy-to-read display of items
  • Users determine their fulfillment strategy
  • Location Leveling automatically creates one or multiple transfers between locations based on your strategy

Location Leveling provides the data you need to make real-time inventory leveling decisions using the criteria that is most important. You get the information you need, when you need it – drastically reducing your time spent viewing critical inventory levels, executing on your fulfillment strategy and reducing your overall inventory costs.

Want an easier way to transfer items between locations?

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