RF-SMART Pre-allocation & Distribution

Determine how to distribute your items with automated transfer orders to the retail store quickly and easily with RF-SMART's Pre-Allocation and Distribution

One of the biggest challenges for a merchandiser or inventory planner is determining how much product needs to be distributed to each store and creating the necessary documentation to have those items picked and shipped correctly. 

Currently, there isn’t a method in NetSuite to create a distribution of items that are purchased for retail stores and then automatically create transfer orders directly from the purchase order. That's where RF-SMART's advanced retail functions come in.
Pre-allocation for Retail Distribution

How does it work?

RF-SMART’s Pre-allocation & Distribution module is built in NetSuite and uses your NetSuite information to create allocations based on the following three rules:  

          1.  Even Distribution
          2.  Weighted Allocation
Existing Item Sales History

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