How NetSuite Australia and RF-SMART Solve Inventory Challenges

Enterprises across Australia and New Zealand are modernising their technology so they can be more competitive locally and globallyBased on the trusted international antipodean reputation of quality manufacturing and retailing products that are traceable back to their source, business is steadily growing. The expectation of these emerging markets mean that stringent quality and tracking practices need to be a priority at any expanding business. That’s where NetSuite Australia and RF-SMART comes in. 


Oracle NetSuite is Australia’s #1 cloud ERP software suite for companies of all sizes, with more than 19,000 customers in the region. For 30+ years, RF-SMART has been delivering a growing array of mobile functions to support the movement, management, manufacture and fulfillment of inventory – in real-time, across the entire business. This includes advanced functionality that extends the power of NetSuite, like Cycle Counting, Pick Planner, and Pack Station. Since 2016, RF-SMART has continued to expand in Australia with a year over year growth of 57%.  RF-SMART has a dedicated team in Australia and New Zealand servicing 100 customers in the region.

A Scalable Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) 

The majority of the Australian and New Zealand customers we work with are fast-growing companies looking for a solution that can meet their inventory and warehouse management needs now, and in the future.  Putting a best-in-breed solution into your supply chain means you are able to track your inventory with up to 99% accuracy - ensuring your inventory can be found and picked with increased speed and precision.  Such was the case with Australian manufacturer Furtex. 

“Using RF-SMART and NetSuite, our on-time picks have increased from 73% to 99%, and we’re now completing 25% more orders - increasing productivity without increasing headcount”

- Sonny Dhesi, Head of Operations and ICT.  

Furtex replaced their manual inaccurate paper-based system with NetSuite ERP. Further improvements were realised with the implementation of RF-SMART to manage their inventory in their warehouse and automate with barcoding, scanning and printing 

Furtex has optimised their receiving bay with cross-docking, allowing for backordered stock items to be passed directly to dispatch as they are being received. This eliminates double handling of stock and ensures quicker order fulfilment and shipping. Transferring complete bins instead of item per bin has led to employees just performing one scan which used to take considerable more time and effort especially when additional item lot numbers had to be considered  

RF-SMART Furtex NetSuite Cloud ERP WMS
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Inventory Functionality That Makes A Big Difference 

RF-SMART continues to bring solutions to Australia and New Zealand. Stock takes (which are arduous) can be avoided with RF-SMART and cycle counts instituted to allow for better visibility of stock levels. With increased visibilityadjustment to min/max and safety stock can be applied leading to further cost savings and less inventory holding. 

Furtex is using cycle counts on their high impact items which has given them confidence of what is seen on the warehouse floor as being accurately listed in NetSuite. They no longer have disruptive stock takes, instead they do targeted cycle counts on inventory which has the most activity in the warehouse, leaving the slower moving items to be counted less frequently.     

If you’re a NetSuite user in Australia or New Zealand and would like to learn more about RF-SMART, get in touch with our team today.

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