Marketplace Pros Case Study

With warehouses in South Dakota and Las Vegas, Marketplace Pros helps hundreds of ecommerce companies get products into the hands of customers. To better serve their clients, they’ve turned to NetSuite and RF-SMART to upgrade their supply chain processes. 

Before selecting RF-SMART, Marketplace Pros was manually inputting all inventory data into Google Sheets. “We knew we needed to set up a more efficient and accurate inventory receiving  process,” said Ann Traphagen, Director of People and Productivity at  Marketplace Pros. With NetSuite upkeeping their business records, they looked for a Native NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) that could support their ongoing expansion. To accomplish this, they implemented RF-SMART’s WMS to improve accuracy and visibility throughout their warehouses.

With the support of RF-SMART’s warehouse experts, they went on the journey to optimize their inventory data, while keeping NetSuite as their single system of truth. “As an ecommerce  company, change is engrained into our fabric,” said Ann. “NetSuite and RF-SMART’s testing landscape made it easy for our team to adapt to these changes.” 

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Like many businesses, one of Marketplace Pros’ main goals is to create a paperless warehouse. When accomplished, this ultimately increases efficiency, saves resources, and allows them to scale in an eco-friendly way. RF-SMART’s Pick Planner helped them get closer to reaching this objective. This advanced functionality has eliminated the need to print physical pick tickets by allowing warehouse managers to create and run segmented picks based on product information. “We have many pick plans set up with RF-SMART Pick Planner that allow us to pinpoint how we want the products to get picked and sent on to shipping,” said Ann. “This functionality has allowed us to get rid of our old manual processes 
and improve our user experience and output by guiding pickers on the most efficient pick path.” 

Not only has Pick Planner helped increase their efficiency, but it’s allowing their team to have greater visibility into their inventory movements. “We require users to scan validate all items when they are being picked to make sure they are accurate,” said Ann. This often-overlooked benefit has given them a quick return on investment from both a monetary and efficiency perspective. “Pick Planner has helped improve our inventory accuracy and our pick bin process, for management and users on the floor.”


In keeping with these accuracy gains, they have further improved their supply chain practices by utilizing RF-SMART’s Automated Mobile Dimensioning. The Marketplace Pros team partnered with RF-SMART to beta test this software, which allows their staff to use a Qboid scanner to instantly scan, capture, and transmit all inventory dimensions back to NetSuite. Before this, the team manually measured and corrected incoming dimensions. “We are automatically sent product dimensions upon receiving, but this doesn’t include the packaging. We need both measurements for listing and operational purposes,” said Ann. Now, they can capture both pieces of information as soon as the product enters the warehouse, decreasing issues as the inventory moves downstream in their supply chain process. “This feature is simple to use and helps us eliminate user error,” said Ann. 


All in all, partnering with RF-SMART has made Marketplace Pros’ warehouse experience more user-friendly. “As volume goes up, we’ll supplement temporary labor. In the past, employee onboarding could be an all-day training experience, but now we are only spending around 30 minutes getting 
them ready,” said Ann. “RF-SMART offers out-of-the-box capabilities that have sped up our training and increased our efficiency.” Their team is now able to further train new team members in other areas of the supply chain, cross-training employees on multiple roles rather than just one. 

With RF-SMART, they have been able to consciously improve all aspects of their supply chain. “One of the key initiatives for our team was getting on that continuous improvement track,” said Ann. “When changes are necessary, RF-SMART can help you accomplish what you’re looking for.”

Backed by over 40 years of consultative experience, RF-SMART has helped them continue to grow their supply chain success and provide the opportunity for future optimizations. “Our advice to other warehouses would be choose a SuiteApp that’s going to be able to pivot and grow with you and your needs,” said Ann. “RF-SMART has been a 100 percent cost-effective solution for us.”

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“RF-SMART takes out decision fatigue for our team, making each process clear and easy to perform.”

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