Gump's Case Study

Gump’s sells an array of fine goods, from elegant home décor to artisan jewelry. To tackle their most frequent inventory challenges, they invested in RF-SMART’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) and RF-SMART Shipping to create an end-to-end streamlined supply chain.
Since 2019, Gump’s has used NetSuite to align their accounting and inventory processes. As they continued to optimize their warehouse, they realized they needed to invest in a WMS to continue to scale. “We started to identify bottlenecks in our warehouse and became aware of what our software constraints were,” said Leo Moran, Warehouse Operations Manager at Gump’s. In their search for the best solution to address their inventory challenges, they found RF-SMART to be a great match.


Improving their fulfillment process was vital to ensuring the well-being of their overall supply chain. Gump’s leveraged RF-SMART Shipping’s Rules Engine, which gives them the ability to create custom rules that guide shippers through each package. “The RF-SMART team was able to come up with rules on the spot. It was straightforward. It’s not hard for us to come up with our own rules to address specific and special situations,” said Leo.
Leo’s team is also using shipping data to prepare for future demand. “We now have visual
information. I continuously refer to the dashboard,” said Leo. This interface allows teammates to see the number of shipments, commonly used carriers, average shipping costs, and more. These metrics help the team better prepare for incoming order volume.
Ultimately, RF-SMART Shipping saved the Gump’s team massive amounts of user frustration and time. “We did a couple of time studies to compare our old process to gauge how much efficiency we gained with RF-SMART Shipping,” said Leo. “We were able to see a significant reduction in the amount of time it took to process in an order.” This increase in efficiency, matched with an increase in accuracy, was incredibly beneficial for their team. “With RF-SMART Shipping, we’ve had teammates double the amount of orders they’ve been able to ship per shift. That was huge for us.”


RF-SMART has also proven to be an easy-to-use User Interface (UI) for both the supervisors and their staff. “One of the biggest things I like about RF-SMART is the simplicity of the UI,” said Leo. “With our previous solution we were a lot more restricted on who we could give access to. We would have to really communicate, otherwise little things could be done incorrectly and it would be hard to identify.” Now, leveraging RF-SMART’s user-friendly UI and flexible menu versions, the team has minimized this pain point. “RF-SMART has allowed for a lot more autonomy for the staff,” said Leo.


One of the most vital issues they needed addressed was how they picked their inventory, as it was causing significant lag times in their daily processes. “When we would print a pick ticket from NetSuite, people then had to go around guided by the papers,” said Leo. “Once things were picked, we would have to go back into NetSuite by each individual order and then set that into an item fulfillment. That was the most arduous aspect.” This was capping each teammate’s ability to pick at around 70 picks a day. “As we experience significant demand beyond what we were used to, we started seeing the limitations,” said Leo.
RF-SMART picking solutions were able to alleviate this issue and decrease the amount of time each pick was taking for staff on the floor. “The RF-SMART team was professional, super knowledgeable, and they had a very systematic and logical approach to how we implemented this,” said Leo. Being able to lean on the industry experts to improve this process has helped alleviate their picking stressors. “It was scary thinking of how our whole process was going to change, there was apprehension. But RF-SMART did an amazing job making it as painless as possible.”


No warehouse can thrive without frequent inventory counts. Before RF-SMART, this was a major challenge. “Our counts were kind of crazy, it was hectic. We would create a spreadsheet and would need to find bins for everything - it was a lot of work just to get a count created,” said Leo. Once RF-SMART was implemented, the team has been able to lean on the cycle counting functionality and improve their overall inventory accuracy and visibility. “We give RF-SMART a range of bins and
it knows everything,” said Leo.
Counts are now being completed quickly and with less stress on individual teammates. “It’s really improved the speed at which we can get a count done and audit that count,” said Leo. This improvement has turned a historically painful piece of their supply chain into a streamlined process. “Utilizing RF-SMART Stock Counts has led to huge gains in our inventory control and efficiency,” said Leo.


Through both RF-SMART Shipping and RF-SMART's WMS, Gump’s has proven how implementing strong inventory practices can revolutionize your warehouse. “The beauty of RF-SMART is that our team didn’t have to have every part of our supply chain ironed out in order to benefit from the software,” said Leo. “The RF-SMART team made it a smooth onboarding process for us.” Leaning on RF-SMART’s NetSuite experts, Gump’s has continued to work through inventory challenges and find new ways to streamline their supply chain.
“The RF-SMART team was professional, super knowledgeable, and they had a very systematic and logical approach to how we implemented [their solution.]”

Read how RF-SMART was able to help Gump's double the amount of picks being completed per shift.

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